1. I Won A GANGNAM STYLE PARODY Video Contest!

    PluralSight, a very popular software developer training company that does amazing training videos announced a contest last month. They asked all their customers to make a cheezy dance video and send it to them

    I sent one in (see below) and WON!!! Here’s the final video, I am featured in 4 different places throughout the video.

    And here’s the raw vieo I submitted to the contest. I am calling this one the Brogrammer Parody, and for reasons you will see in the video!

  2. If you want to identify all columns in all your database tables that
    have a certain word or phrase in the column name, then wse the following
    SQL and execute it in Sql Server Query Analyzer, after replacing
    REPLACE_THIS_TEXT_WITH_YOUR_SEARCH_TEXT with the actual text or string
    you are looking to find in the column names.

    select distinct tab.name + ‘.’ + col.name as ‘Table.ColumnName’

    from sys.tables tab

    join sys.columns col on (tab.object_id = col.object_id)

    join sys.types types on (col.system_type_id = types.system_type_id)

    where tab.type_desc =’USER_TABLE’


    and types.name IN (‘CHAR’, ‘NCHAR’, ‘VARCHAR’, ‘NVARCHAR’)

    For instance, if you want to locate all tables in your database that
    have CustomerID in the column / field name, the like expression in the
    SQL below will be as follows.

    and col.name like ‘%CustomerID%’

  3. How To Take Your Startup From 0 To 1 MILLION+ Users

    (Source: vimeo.com)

  4. GitHub Launches Its Enterprise Edition

    github, the web-based hosting service for software projects that use the Git source control management (SCM) system is now available for the enterprise. In an announcement made on it’s blog today, github touted all the features of the consumer github 

    • commit histories,
    • code browsing,
    • compare views,
    • pull requests,
    • issues,
    • wikis,
    • gists,
    • organizations and team management,
    • powerful APIs, and
    • a beautiful web interface

    that are now part of this new github enterprise that you can run locally, on your own server.

    How is this different from managing your projects as private repositories on GitHub?

    The biggest difference is that GitHub Enterprise packaged for running on your organization’s local network. All the source code repository data is stored on machines that you control, and access is integrated with your organization’s authentication system such as LDAP or CAS. The ideal use case for GitHub Enterprise is when you need complete control over your repository and project information.

    How much does it Cost?

    GitHub Enterprise is priced at $5000 per 20 Users per Year. That works out to roughly $250 per enterprise user per year, which is really a good deal considering all the time you would otherwise waste as a team every year maintaining, troubleshooting and upgrading your in-house SCM.

    There is even a free 45-day trial for GitHub enterprise.

    Sign up here